October 20th, 2008

Salsa Verde

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Makes about 2 cups

Delicious, succulent salsa verde. Serve chilled with chips and guac, or hot over enchiladas and burritos. This is a mild version, add more jalapenos if you like it hot. Wear gloves to avoid touching the seeds, or your hands will burn all day. (If you’re like me and don’t have gloves, just be careful!)
blender or food processor or strong arms

10 tomatillos (husks removed), cleaned and diced
1 tsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 jalapeno, seeded and minced
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 1/2 cups vegetable broth
Juice of one lime
1 cup cilantro, loosely packed

Saute the garlic and jalapeno on low heat until, fragrant, about 3 minutes
Add tomatillos and salt, saute until tomatillos begin to soften and release moisture, about five minutes
Add vegetable broth, bring to a slow boil for 1/2 an hour, stirring occassionally
Remove from heat, let cool until it is not steaming, then add the cilantro and lime juice, pour into a blender and blend until it’s pretty smooth, about 30 seconds

10 comments to Salsa Verde

  • Loren

    What?! No comments on your wonderfully yummy salsa verde?? I made this last night and despite a slightly tainted flavour from my cheap iron skillet (that did it – time for a new one!) it was still a delicious treat. I’ve made this before, during my non-vegan days, with sour cream and avocado. For a nice variation, next time I’ll add an avocado and perhaps some cashew vegan sour cream. *just need to learn how to make it. You kick culinary ass, Isa!

  • Meg Beamish

    Hi Isa, I just wanted to say thankyou so much for all your recipes! I’ve been vegan for two years, and it all started with the ‘vegan with a vengeance’ book, a sixteenth birthday present that is now battered, torn, covered in splashes and annotations, and very much loved! I’m about to make this salsa verde to go on pizza! xx

  • I just came here thinking I’d surely find a great enchilada recipe. This was the closest I found. Totally shocked but love the salsa!

  • […] made our own salsa verde to go in the burritos, a green, mild salsa sauce, using this recipe from Isa Chandra of Post Punk Kitchen. You should definitely check out her blog if you […]

  • shannon

    Is this the same salsa verde you serve at Modern Love with your tamales (just had tonight – out of this world delicious). The salsa had almost a grilled flavor but it doesn’t seem like this recipe would have that flavor profile.

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