Olive Lentil Burgers

Veggie burgers don’t have to mimic meat. Revel in all the flavors and textures you can tuck into a bun. […]

Chickpea Rice Soup With Cabbage

A brothy soup with simple flavors that are easy to love. […]

Red Lentil Thai Chili

Don’t know if you want curry or chili? Have both! […]

Creamy Red Chard Linguine

File this under simple yet impressive! Creamy, earthy & nutty perfection. […]

Matrioshka Eggnog

A vegan eggnog so rich and creamy it will make you feel as happy and cozy as a little, red-cheeked Russian nesting doll. […]

Rustic Winter Stew Over Polenta

A hit-the-spot stew for a lazy gourmet evening […]