October 21st, 2012

Roasted Butternut Alfredo

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Serves 4
Total time: 1 hour (plus cashew soak. 30 minutes if using canned butternut.)
Active time: 20 minutes

Roasted Butternut Alfredo

Whether you’re lugging them home from the farmer’s market, or plucking them out of your backyard garden, October means it’s time for butternut everything. If you’re a butternut maniac like I am, then this is good news. But perhaps in your zealous lust for the creamy orange flesh you’ve come down with a severe case of Butternut Burnout ™.

Yes, butternut in your breakfast, soup, muffins and in your salads…it has taken its toll. No more sweet gingery autumnal goodness, you say. No more spicy warm cinnamon goosebumps. Butternut Burnout ™ means a steady diet of kale and chocolate forever more or at least until Spring.

However, there is a way to combat BB. And that’s by treating it with savory elements, rather than sweet. This Roasted Butternut Alfredo is sure to combat all of the damage done to you by those butternut waffles. The squash is roasted first, and then pureed with cashew cream to make a thick, autumnal sauce, that is lush, creamy and most importantly, savory. White wine, some sauteed onions and garlic…oh yes, keep it coming. Butternut forever! Butternut for life!
Roasted Butternut


~ An average butternut weighs like 3 lbs. You don’t need that whole 3 lbs for this recipe, but you should roast the entire thing anyway. To roast, Preheat oven to 425 F. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Using a large chef’s knife, cut the the round part of the butternut from the long part. Slice the round part in half and scoop out the seeds. Brush or spray parchment lightly with oil and place squash pieces, cut side down, on the baking sheet. Bake for about 45 minutes, or until squash is very tender. When cool enough to handle, scoop out the squash needed for this recipe. Save the rest for whatever you like: soup, muffins, or just mashed up with some ginger, maple syrup and cinnamon.

~ You can make this with a can of butternut or pumpkin puree, too. Of course you won’t have the roasted squash to put on top, but them’s the breaks. It will still be yum.

~ You can also make this with any winter squash, I’d imagine. Pumpkin, delicata, acorn, kabocha….all good choices.

~ I like to have extra sauce to serve with veggies and stuff. If you have no such need, then this sauce will probably be sufficient for an entire pound of pasta.

~ I would have loved to use fettuccine or linguine here, but I didn’t have any. I ended up using strozzapretti, but that’s a bit hard to find. Fusilli would be a great choice, or a smaller pasta like orecchiette. I can see penne working, too! What I’m trying to say, I think, is that this is a great sauce for any kind of pasta.

~ As always, you can soak cashews overnight. Or soak em all day. Just try to remember to soak ‘em in advance so that you’re not waiting for the cashews to make the recipe. If you have a Vitamix or Blendtec type million dollar blender, well, luck you! You can skip the soaking step.


1/2 pound pasta (see note)

1/2 cup cashews, soaked for at least 2 hours
1 1/2 cup vegetable broth
1 1/2 cups roasted butternut squash (see note)
2 tablespoons mellow white miso
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast (optional)
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

For the rest:
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 medium yellow onion, quartered and thinly sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon dry rubbed sage
3/4 cup dry white wine
Several dashes fresh black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste

For garnish:
Extra roasted squash
Pepitas, or chopped pecans, walnuts or hazelnuts


Once the squash has roasted, bring a salted pot of water to boil for the pasta. When boiling, cook pasta according to package directions, drain and set aside.

Meanwhile, drain the cashews and place them in a blender with the vegetable broth. Blend until very smooth. Rub sauce between your finger and when hardly any grittiness remains, add the roasted butternut, miso, nutritional yeast (if using) and lemon juice. Puree until smooth, scraping down the sides with a rubber spatula to make sure you get everything.

While the sauce is blending, start the onions. Preheat a large cast iron pan over medium heat, saute onions in olive oil and a pinch of salt for about 7 minutes, until lightly browned. Add the garlic and saute for 30 seconds or so, just until fragrant. Mix in the sage and pepper. Then add the wine and salt and turn the heat up to bring wine to a boil. Let boil for about two minutes, to reduce a little.

Turn down the heat to medium low. Now add the butternut cream to the pan, and stir to incorporate the onions and everything. Heat through, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes. The sauce should thicken a bit. Taste for salt and seasonings.

Oooh, creamy!!!!

Set aside some of the sauce (you can reserve a cup or so for veggies if you’d like to throw some on top.) Add the pasta, and toss to coat. Serve topped with additional roasted squash and a sprinkle of nuts.

317 comments to Roasted Butternut Alfredo

  • Jilly

    This looks amazing and I really want to make it tonight but only have sherry…would that be alright to substitute for the white wine? Thanks so much!

  • Sami

    I have everything but the miso, do you think it would work without it?

    • IsaChandra

      Yeah, the miso adds the savory and saltiness, but perhaps a tiny bit of dijon (like 2 teaspoons or so) and extra salt will do the trick. If you’re using nutritional yeast, a little extra of that, too.

  • Jenna

    Thinking about making this but was wondering: can I substitute skinned almonds (soaked of course) for the cashews? On a budget and already have almonds in the house. I make almond cheese already so I know that they can be blended to super creamy like cashews… Recommendations?

  • oooooh, yummy! I just made something similar after the Chopped challenge with my surplus roasted butternut squash. Best Mac ‘N Cheeze (and peas!) I’ve ever made! Yours is gorgeous.

  • Looks fab, Isa. I am not a butternut fan, unlike the rest of the world. And I also hate autumn (I know, I know). But I love pasta and the color orange so I’ll have to give this a go! Your recipe looks like it will transform me.

  • Robyn

    Butternut burnout?? Neva….just love all squashes equally,,,, great recipe,,,making!

  • kcs

    this Looks great and probably saves a bazillion calories vs. your standard Alfredo

  • Genius. I am suddenly very hungry for this.

  • Saw this pop up on your Facebook feed. We went out to get a butternut squash and are making it tonight. Thanks!

  • jody

    oh this looks so yummy i can’t wait to make it! and butternut burnout? here in northern cal, we (i) are just getting starting with our winter squashes, so at the beginning of squash season this fits in so nicely! yummmmmm!!!!

  • Nick

    This is on my next menu. I can’t wait. We’re going to roast a whole squash and use the extra to make some butternut squash/mushroom risotto later in the week.

  • SuzanneSquirrel

    The squash is in the oven. Do you have any recommendations for vegetable accompaniment?

  • Kim Y

    Roasted the squash and assembling the ingredients! This is going to be delish! Thanks for another fabulous recipe. : )

  • Ashley

    I’m eating this as I type, and it is PHENOMENAL!!! I used the cheapest white wine I could find and it turned out great.

  • NJ

    Argh!!! Went shopping already, cashews soaking an squash roasting…thought I had sage, but I don’t! Suggestions??

  • Heather

    I’m in the process of making this right now! I had a mad hunt to find a butternut squash…both of my regular markets were out! I guess everyone’s making your recipe today!! 😉

  • Carla

    Had this for dinner tonight – amazing! Threw in some broccoli & red pepper to up the veg. Was so good! Thank you!

  • Lizzy

    Do you add lemon juice to the onions and to the cheese sauce? The directions don’t say to add lemons to the onions. Thanks!

  • I’ve been playing around w/ a few different versions of butternut pasta bakes (aka butternut mac and cheese), but didn’t think to add cashews (duh!) This sounds great!

  • cristin

    just reading the recipe made me swoon. made this last night for dinner and, oh my, I nearly wept!
    followed your recipe to the letter.
    SO GOOD! so so so good! thank you, isa!

  • Louise

    This looks really good, thanks so much!! And I do have a butternut squash on my counter so I’m going to try this tonight.
    I’m just wondering, what do you mean by “Slice the round part in half …”. Do you slice the whole squash in half or just cut off part of the round bottom?

    Thanks again!

  • Sam

    I was beyond inspired to make this last night and it turned out great! The flavor of the butternut squash was delicious. Also, I felt that the onions were absolutely crucial in countering the potential “baby food” texture. Next time I might try using almond milk with a tbl of Earth balance instead of vegetable broth for a creamier texture — autumn mac n cheese?

  • jen

    This is seriously *%$&ing good. Made last night with a butternut I had roasted the night before (sorry, soup, you’ll get your turn!). Paired with roasted broccoli. My non-vegan partner and I ate until we made ourselves sick it was so good. Brought leftovers for lunch and added a Field Roast apple-sage sausage, and WOW. that is a killer combo. Definitely going in the fall/winter rotation. Thank you!!

  • Connie Fletcher

    You have been a very busy girl……thank God!!! We all benefit from you genius!!! This looks wonderful!! Willl be making this VERY soon. I have an abundance of butternut from the garden! The butternut fairy was very good to me this year.

  • Jeanne

    YUM, YUM, YUM! Just had it for dinner and it was delish!!!

  • Michelle

    Made this for dinner tonight… WOW. Wowowowow. Incredible.

    I added chopped sundried tomatoes and fresh parsley at the end & poured the sauce over whole wheat penne.

    Did I say wow?! 🙂

  • Even better with panko sprinkled over the top and baked until golden brown. Definitely adding this to the armoury.

  • Steff

    Isa, so I made this last night and I can honestly say I never made a sauce quite like this one, so it was exciting and the result is great. We added some broccoli which made it just perfect. Husband loved it, too and the puppies were happy to have a little butternut squash for breakfast. The most amazing thing is that it takes so very little time if you used canned, so you have a fancy dinner in less than 30 minutes. Wonderful! Thank you!

  • Made this on Sunday – just the alfredo part. Used it as part topping for a pizza. Lovely.

    Does this freeze well, do you think?

  • Janice B

    This was so delicious!

  • Kristin

    Another killer recipe – thanks! Dinner Sunday, and leftovers yesterday, were awesome 🙂

  • Claudia D.

    This was outrageously good.

    The only thing I changed was to sub fresh thyme for the sage–just because I had it around. I’ve learned not to mess with your recipes, because they’re always spot on.

    So, thanks so much, Isa, for yet another scrumptious recipe! Can’t wait for your new cookbook :o)

  • NottinghamKate

    I’ve just made this, following the instructions almost exactly and it is GORGEOUS! The kind of gorgeous that stops you from drinking your cup of tea because you don’t want the taste to go from your mouth, that’s how good it is. I used 75g pasta per portion as well as a good heap of roasted cauliflower and some chard that I boiled in with the pasta and there was just the right amount of sauce. I am so glad I didn’t have anyone to share this with tonight as it means I’ve got three more helpings. It also looks like it will freeze really well.

  • Barbara

    I really want to try this recipe but I cannot have alcohol due to liver disease. Any suggestions for substitutions for the wine?

  • Bobbi

    oh Isa!!! This is an OMG if ever there was one. Followed recipe exactly including nutritional yeast. Wearehaving it over spaghetti w/green beans on the side. It is fantastic!
    Thank you

  • Shayna

    Looks amazing! I don’t have a food processor, could I use a handheld one?

  • Kim Y

    This recipe is beyond delicious! So good and happy I made extra sauce!

  • Don

    This was crazy good! Loved it! I used roasted pumpkin and at the end took the onion mixture and blended it with the sauce.

  • Julie

    This turned out amazing, thank you so much for the recipe!

  • Fenice

    Made this with whole wheat penne and topped with little chunks of deeply roasted squash and toasted walnut. So freakin’ good. My husband spent a suspiciously long time cleaning up in the kitchen after dinner, and I discovered he had “just a taste”-d his way through my leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. I’m going to have to make this again soon . . . And hide the leftovers!

  • Chicki

    This was really good. Made a lot too, saving half to put on baked potatoes later this week!

  • Val

    Oh I’m *so* going to make this tonight!!! I love anything pasta and love butternut squash!
    Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  • Kathryn

    I made this for dinner a few nights ago and really enjoyed it! I used 2 tablespoons of almond butter instead of the cashews and it turned out fine. I’ll make this again. Thanks for the great recipe!

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  • Laura

    I doubled the batch in the blender and then only added the onions/wine to half – for that night’s dinner. I actually love the plain butternut/cashew broth sauce it is amazing on steamed broccoli – my mom came over and couldn’t stop eating my broccoli with squash/cashew sauce on it :~)

  • I am soooo excited to make this!!! Very clever warm and tasty dish for the season!!

  • Karisita

    I made this tonight and it was scrumptious! Thank you for sharing. This meal has made my partner very happy and excited. She was even licking her bowl – a rare thing for her to do.

  • JordanT

    I have a bunch of cashew butter.. Could I use that in place of the soaked cashews?

  • Barbara

    I just happen to have some roasted butternut squash and this sounds sooo much better than what I had planned! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Emily

    We recently gave up dairy and eggs after being lifelong vegetarians. The kids have been good sports but still occasionally miss the cheese and cream. I made this last week and my eleven year old said it was way better than the real alfredo sauce (a previous favorite) because it is so rich and creamy. That said, I’d love to make a bucketful. Has anyone tried freezing it? I dream of having a freezer with stashes of this sauce and the nacho cheese sauce. What else would anyone need? Thanks so much!

    • Dawn

      5 years later, i’d love to know whether it un-freezes well. Because i have a laundry basket of butternut and acorn squash, and i’m inclined to take a day to just process it all, rather than spending the time to hack it up every time we want alfredo sauce.

  • Hazel

    Can I use dry roasted cashews or do they have to be raw?

  • Jessica

    @ Barbara, I don’t drink alcohol either but I can’t think of any alternative for this recipe so I just bought some dealcoholised wine and used that. There is a tiny bit of alcohol left in it but it should evaporate during cooking. The recipe was amazing, I have just finished a bowl right now!

  • Maya

    Any suggestions for a good substitute for the wine (non-alcoholic)? Thanks!

  • Sydney

    Can’t wait to try this! My family has a few people with wine allergies (no grapes)– do you have a recommendation of a substitute for the white wine in this recipe? Thanks!!

  • @devondomanski

    I made this last night for dinner and it was a H I T ! ! ! !

    Called my neighbour down to grab a bowl because I was so proud. I didn’t have lemon juice but used apple cider vinegar instead. I finished it with some leftover cubed squash, fresh torn basil and sprinkle of smoked salt. Next time, i think I’d add toasted pine nuts or some of he other nuts that were suggested.

    I reserved a generous cup of the sauce for loaded baked potatoes tonight… that sauce is FOR REAL DELICIOUS 🙂

  • Julu

    We sprinkled chipotle over this & it brought it to a whole new level!!!

  • I made this tonight with whole wheat angel hair for a dinner date with my husband, and it was absolute perfection. I’ll definitely be making this again — next time, I’m going to add something green to the pasta (spinach, asparagus, tiny broccoli florets?). Awesome, awesome, awesome meal! 🙂

  • Jessica

    this was the BEST DINNER EVER! I made it with roasted pumpkin because that’s what I had. It was so good, the whole time I was eating it, I kept saying to my hubby “this is soo good. isn’t this so good?” I sauteed some kale with garlic & white wine & then added it with the sauce so we had some greens in there too..it was AMAZING! Once again, you are a culinary genius..:) Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!

  • Krenana

    This is the kind of awesome that keeps me vegan. This is even better than Mac and Shews. I added broccoli and toasted walnuts on top. I almost added 1 1/2 c of wine. Then I caught myself and have some to drink with my lovely dinner.

  • Alyssa

    I just made this and it was unreal! I used mirin because there’s a hurricane on and booze conservation is of the essence. I roasted a bunch of veggies in the oven at the same time as the butternut so we had sides of roasted cauliflower, beets, and Brussels. Yum.

  • This was delicious! I used vegetable broth instead of the white wine, and forgot to add the lemon juice (will do for the leftovers). I poured the sauce atop brown-rice macaroni noodles, the hugest bunch of rainbow chard I’ve ever seen, 4 chopped carrots, and some baked cubed tofu. It’s a whole meal in a bowl, and it’s amazing!! Yum yum yum!

  • Danielle

    I usually don’t make a recipe for my omni family unless I’ve tried it first but this looked so good I didn’t want to wait. Everyone loved it. My father even told me to give the recipe to my mom! The sauce is definitely enough for a full pound of linguine, even more if you thin it a bit. The best part is that I have squash left over to make it again this week if I want 🙂

  • Caitlin

    I made this last night and it was sooooo amazing straight from the pot…. then straight from the microwave at work, too! Thanks a bunch!

  • a

    So I might be eating leftovers cold out of the fridge… delicious that way too!

  • instead of using cashews i could totally just use mimicream, yeah? next time! i just thought of that. i don’t know why mimicream doesn’t exist everywhere. i guess i am lucky. anyways, i am making this tonight! thanks!

  • Eric

    Let’s say I’m incredibly lazy and just want to buy pre-cubed squash from Trader Joe’s…how much would I need?

  • A in Vegas

    I just finished with the creamy CREAMY sauce and before I pour it all over my pasta, I just want you to know that this recipe restored me to myself tonight. It all comes together beautifully in that “Be Our Guest” kind of way. And that opened bottle of Chardonnay, well…it ain’t gonna drink itself.

    Seriously though, nice work. This recipe is definitely going somewhere on my holiday menus.

  • Jeff Neuner

    This is, as expected, excellent!

  • Keren

    This is so amazing! Tasted great with back added too 🙂

  • Keren

    *Bacos that is. Stupid auo correct :p

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  • ARH

    Ok. So. I may or may not have gone slightly overboard at the market and bought enough squash to cover half of the top of my fridge. I am currently eating this amazing alfredo sauce over spaghetti squash. I’m having a squashgasm. Thank you, Isa! So tasty and the texture is to die for.

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  • Sarita

    Thank you, Isa, for another amazing recipe!! I used roasted delicata, and while I fell a bit short of 1.5 cups (bc I shamelessly nibbled), it was still absolutely delicious. I topped it off with toasted pine nuts, mmm. If you’re not averse (or allergic) to wine I strongly recommend its inclusion; it gives the dish a really nice depth. I might just have to make this the vegan main at my family’s Thanksgiving feast!

  • Shilpa

    Isa this was so yummy! Thanks!!! I used acorn squash and tripled the black pepper and added a bit more sage. My sauce had slightly sweet undertones, and I think this may be due to the wine? I don’t cook often with wine, so I just used ‘cooking wine’ that was in the fridge. But next time. I will be a bit more choosy about my wine 🙂 What do you think?

  • Anya

    Two thumbs up!! I will make this over and over again.

  • Tan

    I made this the other night, and it was amazing. Loved loved it. Made it with a pound of pasta and the sauce was the perfect amount. Thank you for posting!!

  • Maddie

    I made this for tonight’s after trick or treating meal, but I may or may not have snuck a few bites already. Delicious!!! I’m so happy I made enough for lunch tomorrow too because it was amazing.

  • Emily

    This looks great! I am thinking of making this for Thanksgiving- if I make the sauce a day ahead and reheat, then toss with freshly cooked pasta before serving, do you think that would work ok?

  • Michelle

    The sauce was so beautiful and creamy I couldn’t help thinking as I stirred it “I would like to bathe in this sauce” It is a very comforting dish 🙂

  • OhThatVeganChick

    I was thinking a savory creamy sage squash dinner sounded perfect for this cold fall night, so I went to PPK and searched ‘squash’ recipes. Yours came up first and I’m so glad it did. Savory? Yes. Delicious? Absolutey. A late night trip to the supermarket was out of the question, so i ended up subbing unsoaked *gasp* walnuts for cashews, used the 2tsp of dijon and extra salt/nutritional yeast instead of miso, and added sliced mushrooms in with the onions, and peas to the final sauce, garnished with sunflower seeds. All of this aaaand I used an acorn squash instead of butternut. Still, the perfect fall dinner. Thank you!!

  • Laura

    This looks tempting! Thank you so much for all the yumminess, richness and variety you bring to our kitchen and lives! I’m going to try it for Shabat tonight! I’m a bit confused due to all those “non-alcohol” questions as I have a little son. I always thought alcohol evaporates during the cooking process anyway…?
    I’m looking forward to try this new receipe and you’ll be with us when we light the candles tonight, Isa. <3

  • Andrea

    Made this last night: FANTASTIC! Used dijon mustard in place of miso, and it worked fine. We put it over whole wheat rotini. The extra butternut on top is the piece de resistance!

  • Sherry in Union, KY

    I really enjoyed this dish. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Jean

    You are a genius! This was amazing <3

  • HD

    What would you substitute for cashews for those with all nuts allergy?

  • Maricela

    Prepared this delish dish tonight and hubby and I loved it! Truth be told we and the baby almost ate the whole thing! (Mostly we and a 12oz box of pasta! There is still enough for lunch tommorrow with a nice salad and sauce for veggies.) I prepared it with the pepitas and the roasted butternut on top. (Modifications: I had no miso or sage so I added a tsp. more salt in place of the miso and dried rosemary for the sage.)

    Thanks Isa and BTW I love the website and your book, “Appetite for Reduction”

  • I made this last night without the miso-didn’t have any. I subbed 2 tsps of dijon and added an extra dash of salt. It was very good. I liked it a lot. I’ll have to try it again with miso. I’m definitely going to use up the leftovers.

  • I made this recipe a couple days ago and me and the family enjoyed it!!! I felt the optional nutritional yeast really tied the sauce together so that’s my only suggestion. I have a feeling this will be in decent rotation every fall when butternut squash is everywhere!

  • Laura

    This was a big hit at dinner last night. it’s our new favorite pasta dish.

  • Carolyn Ives

    I have made this twice now since you posted it and it is, without a doubt, the best food I have ever eaten.

  • Lyndsay O.

    Just made this, using a pound of pasta with all of the sauce. Loved it! Creamy, with a subtle butternut and cheesy taste. So good.

  • You are a genius. The white wine, the caramelized onions, the creamy squash and cashew…I LOVE this dish. I dream about it. I have made it twice now and it will be a fall staple for sure! Thank you Isa!!

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  • This recipe is fantastic, thank you so much.

  • Stephanie

    This is the most delicious recipe of all time! My boyfriend and I devoured it, and I loved the way it made my apartment smell… All winey and butternutty and wondrous. I served it with shells so each bit of pasta was full of sauce. It basically brought tears to my eyes.

  • Taylor

    This is unbelievable. So delicious. You are a genius!

  • This is fantastic!!! I made it at a vegan brunch I hosted this Sunday and it was a huge hit.

  • Megan

    I made this last night and it was fantastic! Loved the flavor of the onions and wine combo; it added some nice complexity to the dish. My butternut had gone bad (sigh Trader Joe’s and its wonky produce) so I used pumpkin puree instead, so if anyone is wondering about the substitutions, go right ahead!

  • Sarah

    Okay, just made this as is and it was FANTASTIC!!! Definite keeper! Everyone loved it, vegans and omnivores alike. I wouldn’t change a thing! Except I made a whole pound of pasta (cellentani, perfect) and there was plenty of sauce. This was much better than some vegan cheesy pasta dishes I’ve had at restaurants 😉
    Keep ’em coming!

  • Lisa

    I just finished eating this and it was INSANE!!!! Thank you for coming up with all these great recipes .Seriously, you are such a genius – I don’t even bother looking at any other cookbooks anymore. I used cheapie Holland House cooking wine and it was still great. Thank you!!!!

  • Mélanie

    Love this! Tried it this week and me, kids and hubby loved it. The nooch does tie everything together. Also, I used veggie stock instead of wine and it was great. There was enough sauce left over for extra veggies and then some. I actually just had some toast with leftover sauce on them. It’s that good!

  • Katie

    I keep a bottle of $3 dry vermouth (Gallo) on hand for use in recipes. It doesn’t go bad and can be used when ever dry white wine is called for in recipes. Then you don’t have to open a bottle of good stuff and worry about not finishing it up in a timely manner…although we like to do that too.

  • Melissa

    This was delicious!

  • hillary b

    It was really good! I made it with an acorn squash (a standard sized one was the right amount) and I feel like that had enough of a neutral taste as to really fool you into thinking there’s cheese in it- and no butternut burnout! I put lots of pepitas on top which made for a nice crunch. Thanks!

  • chouettescrepes

    i used this as a sauce instead of tomato sauce in lasagna! i layered it with steamed kale and basil tofu ricotta from VwaV. delicious! there was plenty of sauce left over, so i’m saving some in the freezer. hope it freezes well!

  • cms2

    Thank you! I made this last night with red wine and without the sage… it was still great. I love your recipes.

  • Angela

    Word to the wise: this does not freeze-thaw with a lot of success. Will likely still use it anyway, because it’s delicious, but the sauce did separate a little. For a gal who has never liked pasta or alfredo too well, I’ll say, this is one of the best damn dishes I’ve had in a long time.

  • Jacki

    Isa, another winner! this is SO good! I’m serving next week instead of mac & cheez at our thanksgiving dinner. I used tinkyada pasta and I’m pretty sure this recipe only makes two servings. Perfect, since I’m carb loading for a 25-mile run tomorrow! Thanks SO much for your great recipes.

  • Stef

    This was simply AMAZING. Yum. I licked my bowl clean.

  • pia

    this is amazing! I used more veg stock and lemon juice in place of wine and dijon mustard as advised in place of miso and topped with sun dried tom’s as someone said. Gorgeous. Can’t wait to make this for people 🙂

  • BMAC.

    So freaking good. I ate it like dip on baguette. I ended up with about 2 cups of extra sauce I added more squash to the mix and I am glad I did because the flavor was more dominant. I also used fresh sage because that is all I had on hand. I could imagine making this with a mix of carrot, squash and sweet potato or yam if that is what I had on hand. The wine and onions make it deliciously savory for fall and winter.

  • This is seriously good. I haven’t gotten to try it with miso yet, but without it-with the dijon as suggested, it’s still amazing. I also subbed brazil nuts for cashews, because that’s what i had. I also didn’t have veg. broth, so the first time i used a boullioun (sp?) cube, and this time I just used some almond milk and water.

  • Meaghan

    So, just like literally everyone else that wrote a comment on this recipe, this is the most delicious food ever. I am so happy I made this. The white wine, onions, and sage made it taste really sophisticated. I used a whole pound of pasta and some roasted broccoli and there was plenty of sauce for all of it. Thank you so much for your recipes. I have learned so much about vegan cooking from your cookbooks. It’s recipes like this that make a transition into a vegan diet much easier…not to mention really tasty! 🙂

  • JessG

    O…M…Goodness BEST SAUCE EVERAH. I made it per the recipe (although I only had mellow brown miso) – Delicious. We ended up using the extra to dip our roasted veggies in and couldn’t stop. Highly recommend

  • This was amazing. My husband started telling me how good it was before I could get my first bite in. It’s on the rotation list. I used Dijon mustard instead of miso since my husband has a soy allergy. And we used all the sauce of half a pound of fusilli.

  • Carolyn

    Honestly one of the best meals I have ever had! I made it exactly as directed and served braised mixed greens tossed with white balsamic vinegar on the side. My picky 14 year old daughter had seconds and my husband scraped the leftover sauce out of the pan with a spatula so he wouldn’t miss a drop. My 17 year old son’s omni friend said it was his first ever vegan meal. He loved it and ate three helpings. Glad I doubled the recipe!

  • Bonnie

    Just made this last night. So creamy and delicious!

  • […] I started even earlier, trying to get as many recipes in for the week as possible, I started with a Roasted Butternut Alfredo with brown rice pasta. This was paired with a Seitan Chicken Fried Steak and Cheezy-Creamy Broccoli […]

  • […] started even earlier, trying to get as many recipes in for the week as possible, I started with a Roasted Butternut Alfredo with brown rice pasta. This was paired with a Seitan Chicken Fried Steak and Cheezy-Creamy […]

  • Rachie Pants

    Hi Isa! I just discovered your blog and this was the first recipe I’ve tried. It was amazing!! My husband didn’t even notice it was vegan! Yay! I will definitely be making this one again 🙂 I also can’t wait to start exploring your other recipes!

  • alicia

    I made this last night! So good! Even the 2 year old had seconds! Didn’t have miso paste but threw in an instant miso cup ‘o soup thing and extra nutritional yeast and some vegan ricotta to make extra creamy. Like Whoa!

  • Sue

    Amazing recipe-so delicious and very easy. I soaked the cashews and roasted the squash the night before. Made a double recipe. Everyone absolutely loved it and could not believe there was no cream in it.

  • Nicole

    I did the pumpkin version and it was AMAZING!

  • VeganVamp

    *Incredible!* Beautiful, velvety, satisfying. Favorite fall squash pasta EVER.
    Threw in a tiny mushroom medley that needed to be used today; let it sauté with the onion. Roasted some lovely kabocha chunks while the butternut was in the oven – and sprinkled a few caramelized bits of kabocha goodness on top of the finished bowl. *divine*

  • Heather B.

    We’ve made this twice now, and it’s gorgeous in every way: delicious to eat and beautiful to look at as well! I love the deep orange color of the sauce, and I love reading all the different ways people have been eating this. 🙂 Tonight we agreed that next time (which will be very soon), we’ll saute some chopped spinach with the onions, because we think the flecks of green will look gorgeous in the orange. I also read the comment about eating this with roasted cauliflower, and that got me to thinking that this might be the perfect sauce to use in a beautiful fall casserole, maybe with roasted cauliflower, broccoli, and potatoes… I’m looking forward to further experiments! Thanks so much for another fabulous recipe that also serves as a fantastic inspiration! 🙂

  • Wow, Made this for Thanksgiving the other day with canned butternut and man is it good. Unlike any vegan mac and cheese I’ve ever made. My omni mother said it was the best vegan meal she’d ever had! Now, I love nooch as much as the next vegan, but it’s very refreshing to try a mac that isn’t screaming it.

  • Martina

    Just made this today, it turned out wonderful!!!! It felt like I was eating a dessert:). Thank you so much, amazing!

  • Lavon

    Firstly Isa you are awesome. I love your site and books, and have gotten 4 friends hooked on your cooking as well.
    Secondly, if someone isn’t comfortable with oven roasting squash just loads as many as you can into your slow cooker, prick the skin of each one with a fork. Then add a bit of water to keep them moist. Turn on low for 8 hours, and let cool. They are easier to cup open, and scoop out seeds. What ever you don’t use you can freeze for the next time you make this. It looks like a lot work, but most of the work you don’t have to be there for.

  • Kimberly

    I’ve just made this sauce. It’s amazing. However mine is somewhat fluorescent rather than a pale orangey due to the kobucha squash used. Thanks for the fantastic recipe!

  • Olivia

    This was so good!! I made it for my boyfriend and myself with pumpkin fettucini…so delicious!

  • bonnie

    If one doubled the sauce recipe could a portion of it be frozen? … now I just need to be able to cut the squash without cutting myself!

  • Jen

    Full disclosure: we’re not vegan and my 6 yo’s fav food is mac and cheese. And he’s a notoriously picky eater. I told him this was a new kind of mac and cheese. He tasted it, pronounced it delicious and had a full bowl. My ten month old is a more adventurous eater and she loved it too!

  • Coco

    I made this a few weeks ago for a dinner party. I can’t stop thinking about it! I didn’t have miso on hand, so I used a bit of tamari. Thanks for posting this. It’s now my go-to fall recipe. I’m going to try it with the pumpkin I just processed (and also used to make the Best Pumpkin Muffins in the World)j

  • Made this for dinner last night in an effort to use up some leftover butternut squash. Oh my. I about attacked my husband when he got home so that we could get to eating it as soon as possible. A very savory flavor and definitely a winner. We had it over whole wheat penne (13oz. package that I mixed in with the sauce) and with a side of steamed green beans. I can’t wait for leftovers at lunch today! Thanks Isa for another great recipe.

  • Lisa B.R.

    Thank you Isa, this recipe was a hit at our house tonight. I made it with bow tie pasta and my 9-year-old son ate 3 bowls! (I also made your easy breaded tofu per his request, the recipe where you don’t have to press the tofu, just roll it in the tamari first – he asks me for that at least once a week). This was seriously rich and delicious and the perfect recipe for the giant butternut squash that came in our CSA box today! (Oh, and I didn’t want to buy an entire bottle of white wine so I used a small single can of Sophia – a sparkling wine – and it worked out just great).

  • Lisa B.R.

    Oh, and one other thing I wanted to mention; my son won’t eat squash. But he LOVED this!

  • Joy

    I’ve made this three times in the last month–officially obsessed! Great recipe, Isa. It goes with everything. And just when I thought I was bored with butternut. Well done!

  • NicoleWhy

    Holy crap that was the best thing I’ve ever cooked!

  • I love this recipe so much that I would like to double the sauce part of the recipe! How do you think it would freeze???

  • Jennifer

    This recipe is amazing! So rich & creamy, with a sophisticated flavor. So glad I tried it!

  • Mary

    THANK YOU!!! Being new to veganism I thought I’d have to give up my creamy Alfredo…but then I found this dish- and I’ve never even tried butternut before but I knew I had to try it. And boy am I happy I did 🙂

    This will be a great sauce replacement for cheese fondue that I also use to love…dip some bread, pretzels, veggies and apple slices in it…yum!

    No Miso so I just added Dijon and a little more Yeast Flakes…using a power blender made it so easy. I added broccoli to the final dish to replicate my Alfredo and broccoli dish.

    Can’t wait to try more PPK dishes, thank you for helping me in the transition to a new lifestyle!

  • Jane

    I have made this three times now – it’s so delicious and absolutely hits the spot when we need something creamy and comforting (like every day this winter!) Thank you Isa for your amazing recipes you inspire me back into the kitchen!

  • Jessica

    I just made this and it is SO GOOD. I mixed in some caramelized onions and sauteed kale. This is definitely one of my new favorite and “go to” recipes!

  • Susan

    I don’t ever “comment” but I just had to with this recipe…it’s so amazingly delicious!!! I never thought I’d be able to taste that “creaminess” with a vegan recipe but this proves you can have a healthy alternative alfredo. This will definitely go into our repertoire!!! By the way I think a little douse of sherry would add another layer of richness. Thanks for a great dinner….

  • Sara

    I’ve been giving occasional cooking lessons to a newly vegan friend, and this was the recipe she wanted to make today–which was perfect, since i’d been meaning to make it for weeks. It was FANTASTIC. We used more broth in place of the white wine (she avoids it for health reasons), and it was so good and so easy. Thank you!

  • Kellie

    I made this without the wine (and no substitute) and it turned out fantastic. I had to stop myself from eating it before adding the pasta! Thanks for another great recipe!

  • Wow!! This was sooooo delicious!

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  • […] of good-looking recipes there. Someone had given us a butternut squash, so today I tried out the Roasted Butternut Alfredo recipe. It was really quite labor intensive: roasting the squash, making the vegetable broth, […]

  • Sarah

    Hi. I’m planning on bringing this to Christmas dinner for the vegans. Should I bring it imixed together (sauce & pasta) in crockpot and keep on warm? Or keep sauce seperate? It will probably be a couple hours before it is eaten. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!!

  • I loved it! Hubby loved it! Kids loved it! Yum! 🙂

  • I cannot wait to try this out! It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Tamera

    I just made this to take to my mom’s Christmas dinner. I have to say I was expecting the same let down I’ve experienced every time I’ve tried to make a “creamy” sauce. This recipe is amazing! It is really, really good. The only substitution I made was spinach fettuccine for the pasta. Thank you Isa, now I have something special to eat while they chow down on the prime rib!

  • Eleni

    Best vegan pasta dish I’ve ever made! I brought this delicious nom to Christmas dinner and all my non-vegan relatives loved it. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe!

  • monica

    added some yellow and red bell pepper to the onion stuff, delicious!

  • Kathie

    I just had to add to the other 177 comments! This is AWESOME!! I made it exactly as directed (minus the sage because I didn’t have any). I will definitely be making this again and again! Thank you, Isa!!

  • Kelly

    This is an awesome recipe! It is even great without the onions and white wine. I keep roasting different vegetables and putting the sauce on top of them. It goes very well with broccoli : )

  • Just tried this tonight and we all LOVED the flavor. The guys didn’t even notice I used gluten-free penne pasta ; ) Thank you for a nice rendition of my usual butternut squash pasta.

  • Caity

    I just made this after wanting to try it for a while and it was amazing. It does look like a lot of steps at first, but I managed to whip it up fairly easily even after a long day of school while fighting a brain-fogging cold. It was terrific, I’d have no idea it didn’t have dairy in it if I hadn’t made it myself.

    It also makes a good amount of sauce for later if you’re cooking for one.

  • April

    Absolutely love this recipe! I’m making it again tonight for dinner – it’s one of my husband’s faves too. Thanks for sharing your yummy creativity!

  • Rachel

    So delicious. Making for the second time tonight! Can’t get enough of this stuff. Thanks Isa you’re my hero 😉

  • Vegan_Prague

    Made it today, was amazing !!!! Thanks

  • miremba

    Just finished making this and mine turned out very, very thick unlike your picture. Perhaps I cooked my wine too much when I got to that part. I also suppose I could have added more sauce to my pasta at the end instead of saving so much for another meal.

    Having said all that… this was divine! So scrumptious. I was a bit surprised by how sweet it seemed at first but my tastebuds quickly adjusted and settled right into the meal. Definitely will be making this one again and often. 🙂

  • Ena

    Isa, this is incredible! I just started experimenting with vegan foods in the new year, and I’m so pleased with how easy this recipe was to follow and how delicious the dish turned out! I brought it to a potluck and even the meat eaters couldn’t get enough 😉

    One quick question though – I made a very large batch and thus have leftovers. I noticed that the next day, my pasta and sauce had turned a little purple where they had been in contact with the walnuts I added on top. Is this okay?

  • This was amazing. Very light and healthy alternative to cheesy alfredo. It was creamy and delicious. My non vegan friend liked it too!

  • Maria

    Thank you for this recipe! I loved Alfredo sauce and now I know how to get it vegan!! I’ll try it soon…

  • Kathleen

    I just made this and it is delicious. As a new vegan with basic cooking skills (but will improve with time I am sure!) I used Dastony’s cashew butter rather than trying to make it from scratch. I also realized I didn’t have sage too long into the cooking to run out and get it so I used Herbs de Provence. Now I have lunches for the start of the week…and even my 16 year old picky eater vegan loved this!

  • Just wanted to say, I made this the other night for a bunch of people and everyone LOVED it. One person commented that they were shocked at how something without dairy could be so creamy! With your help, I am slowly converting people to loving vegan food 😀

  • Lauren

    This was wonderful and I was amazed how creamy it turned out! Although I’m not vegan, I am currently going dairy free for breastfeeding reasons and my first vegan recipe ever was excellent! Even my husband loved it and asked that I make it again. Thank you!

  • Cathy

    Oh my gosh!!!! I have been wanting to makes this pasta ever since I saw your recipe, and finally made it today! It is even better than I expected! I really needed a lift today, and this was comfort food at its best! Thank you!

  • Nora

    Made this last week as directed and it came out so well! So creamy and delicious.

  • Jessica

    I made this tonight and it turned out excellently. I didn’t have wine on hand, so I used apple juice instead. I think this made the sauce a little sweet, but it was still good. Next time I’ll be making it with wine. And with half as much onions 🙂

  • Absolutely delicious! Thank you for this recipe.

  • tom

    post punk kitchen…i thought you would be sXe! haha, it doesnt matter. this recipe is absolutely foodgasmic! its the third recipe ive used from this site and so far theyre all hits. i really appreciate the sharing.

    so having said that…a good substitute for wine would be…vinegar? or would that be too strong? this website makes me sooooo happy that i ditched my 1950s diet of death. thanks <3

  • angelica fata

    For anyone who is considering making this but doesnt have nutritional yeast or miso paste, DO IT! It is seriously delicious! I was too lazy to go to whole foods to buy these ingredients so I just left them out. I did use a little bit of mustard instead. just one teaspoon did the trick.

    I also used an acorn squash because they didnt have butternut squash at trader joes.
    I topped it with some broccoli and kale (because i need greens in every meal)
    Make this, you wont regret it.

  • Linda

    This IS absolutely the best squash recipe evah! The fact that it’s savory and NOT sweet is the best part. It does not taste like EVERY OTHER squash recipe… let’s face it, they all pretty much taste the same. This one is amazingly different, rich, and totally magical. You barely know it’s squash! (Not that there is anything wrong with squash, of course.) In response to someone who suggested adding cooking sherry instead of the wine…. On my 3rd or 4th time making this, I tried sherry, and it resulted in the same-old same-old sweet squash taste. I’d stay away from any substitutions that are even mildly sweet.

  • Perfect recipe!!! Thank you!

  • Anne-Marie

    This is my favourite recipe ever! Since discovering a dairy allergy I have been craving a creamy sauce and this is the best! Your site is fantastic and we have made nearly every recipe on it – keep the tasty awesomeness coming!

  • berryme

    I can’t get over how delicious this is. Out of this world!!

  • Jill

    I made this for the first time tonight…LOVED IT! The recipe is so simple and the cashew cream was super easy to make. Very tasty!

  • […] based this recipe off of the Post Punk Kitchen, save for a few […]

  • Hanna

    This is very likely the best dish I have EVER made. EVER. Vegan or otherwise. I subbed 3/4 cup of vegetable broth and a splash of balsamic vinegar for the white wine, as you suggested, and it was so delicious. Mine turned out a bit more orange than yours, but made for a gorgeous dish, especially topped with cubed squash, chopped pecans, and sprinkled with sage. I served it over whole wheat linguine, and even my picky carnivore husband ate every bite, and declared it to be delicious. It made enough sauce for four large servings. I had leftovers twice! Next time I will double the sage, as I thought it was delicious and made the sauce so savory. I believe I was fairly generous with the salt as well. Fantastic! Thank you so much for this!!!

  • Karin

    My husband and I made this. Had some sort of pumpkin and cooked it in the pressure cooker on the wood stove. Forgot to soak the cashews. Then tried microwaving them and discovered they were roasted and not raw. Didn’t have white miso so we used what we had. You know how it goes. Anyway this had a very different flavor than anything we’d ever made. Very sophisticated in a way. My husband first said that this was something he’d like maybe once a year and then after his third helping decided he really loved it.

  • Isa, this is the most amazing thing I have ever made with butternut squash. OMG it was like a food orgasm in my mouth.

  • Dana

    This is excellent with roasted cauliflower on top!

  • maggiemags

    i made this last night for myself and my meat-eating family and EVERYONE loved it!!! thanks for such a great recipe!

  • Jena

    REALLY delicious!! Made it tonight and even the Husband slammed it 🙂
    I couldn’t find White Miso and I neglected to check the advice you gave before running to the store…classic…so I used two tablespoons of soft tofu and a 1/2 tsp of instant miso soup mix. I’ll have to find White Miso and compare eventually, but this recipe is FAB.

  • Julie

    All righty. I made the sauce exactly as recipe directs and am keeping it warm until husband comes home. It tastes wonderful. My question is: could I use all the sauce for 1 lb of pasta instead of a 1/2 lb.? In looking at the amount of sauce it seems it would work out in proportion to a whole pound of pasta. Has anyone tried this? Looking forward to pigging out on this dish after all the shoveling this last weekend (Blizzard 2013).

  • SadPanda

    Can I use almonds instead? I have developed an allergy to cashews and pistachios. 🙁

  • Julie

    Do you have the nutritional facts on this meal? So yummy!!!

  • Dani

    I’ve made this sauce about four times. I even wrote down the recipe just in case my computer explodes, so I’ll always have it. I’ve taken to making the sauce and sticking it in the fridge to put on top of everything. I just had it on top of some black bean-quinoa enchiladas, and it was amazing. Thanks! I really love this site and just got a couple of your books. Cooking is fun again.

  • Michelle

    I can’t believe I waited until now to try this. My toddler LOVES it. The blended sauce alone (without onions, wine, etc) tastes like boxed Kraft Mac & Cheese. Killer.

  • TtheV

    Ok…just made baked ziti n used the tofu ricotta from Veganomicon mixed w tomato Basil sauce from TJ ‘s topped w this Alfredo n sprinkle TJ vegan mozz…the shizz my friends…

  • […] This recipe was adapted from PPK’s Roasted Butternut Alfredo. […]

  • Delicious. Really. Lick the bowl goodness.


  • My pickiest food critics ( my teen-age kids) said this dish was awesome!!!!! I should have made a larger batch.

  • Kara

    Thanks very much for this recipe, it was amazing! I made this recently for my carnivore husband and myself, and his exact words were “this is as good as something I would get at a restaurant”.

  • Rebecca

    If a five year old is eating it should I leave in the whine? I have read conflicting things about burn off rates of alcohol. This showed that not much burns off…http://www.ochef.com/165.htm

  • Tia

    I really want to make this but my son is allergic to all nuts, is there an alternative to the cashew cream that you suggest?

  • Lisa in Venice

    This may be the first PPK recipe I didn’t like. It was too sweet…. and my child who usually eats this kind of thing wouldn’t touch it either. Maybe if it hadn’t been titled “Alfredo” my expectations would have been different. But, even then, I just didn’t like the taste. It was too sweet. Perhaps I used too much squash. I mashed it and then measure it….. that could have made it too dense. Any one else measure the squash differently?

  • […] with creamy squash sauce, constructed like Roasted Butternut Alfredo by The PPK (but with a plethora of […]

  • Kelly

    Omnomnom!!! Just made this – delicious!! Love your site – thank you!

  • Christine

    TDF! Amazing. Thank you!

  • Mel

    This was SOOO good, Nutritional Yeast has def been an acquired taste for me, but I LOVE IT in this recipe. Sometimes I do more broth and squash and toss a ton of mushrooms and greens in it to make an awesome soup. Currently living my life by this sauce.

  • Justin

    Isa does it!

    Great recipe and taste!

    The balance of flavours was amazing here!

    I subsituted vermouth for wine and used brown rice miso, still turned out great!

    Thank-you Isa your recipes are also so well flavoured. Bland is not in your vocabulary! (testament to this is Appetite For Reduction book) which should have been called appetite for flavour!

  • […] He misses some of the normal 4 year old meals – like macaroni and cheese.  Enter “butternut squash alfredo” from the post punk kitchen.  I actually made this recipe MONTHS ago and froze 1/2 of the […]

  • Erika

    OMG. This was DELICIOUS!!! I made it this weekend with some friends and it was beyond amazing. Just that creamy pasta dish I’ve been craving since going Vegan in August.

    Thank you ISA! 😀

  • Chérie

    I made this before and loved it! Any recommendations when doubling the recipe?

  • Saffron

    Holy macaroni, just made this, it is amazing! I asked a gentleman in my local suburban wine store for advice on which white wine to use – ultimately he recommended a pinot grigio, after I explained what I was making with it and looking for something dry with good acid that wouldn’t cook down too sweet because of the squash. When I told him ‘vegan butternut alfredo’, he proceeded to describe his recent forays into homemade vegan hot dogs! Who knew?

  • Paula

    This was sooooo yummy. As a new vegan, I am experimenting with a lot of recipes with varying degrees of success. I love your website and everything I have tried here has turned out extremely well, but this one is a standout.
    I sprinkled it with some of my home-smoked spiced almonds and wow, wow!
    Thank you so much for this site, it is really an invaluable resource.

  • Cecily

    The other week i started making this sauce before I realised I was out of pumpkin… So I used roast eggplant instead (and thyme in place of sage). It was unbelievably amazing!

  • […] and richness without dominating flavour. As the base for a creamy alfredo sauce, inspired by Post Punk Kitchen, cashew cream is perfect. My non-vegan husband loves […]

  • eibhlin

    this is sooooo good. i made it several times last autumn/winter. but the only butternuts i can get in germany at the moment are from overseas, so i will just have to wait for autumn to come around again 😉

  • […] Supper: Butternut alfredo, replacing 45g pasta with frozen veggies […]

  • Microwaved the squash for 12 minutes on high because it’s summer and it’s hot but I really wanted to try this. And now I can’t wait to be hungry again to eat more.

    How? How do you do it to have such amazing recipes – and such great opening blurbs – every time?

  • Sam

    I just found your blog… your recipes are INCREDIBLE. Like most people, I am poor and time crunched. Bonus: I’m also occasionally pathetic–as in, more than 1 pan recipes are out of the question. Your recipes use familiar ingredients, are simple, healthy, and delicious. And add to that enjoyable commentary! Thank you SO much! You have brought my kitchen skills from pitiful to pretty freaking good!! =)

  • […] course, if you want an exciting twist on Alfredo sauce such as the Roasted Butternut Alfredo from Post Punk Kitchen, nobody here will argue with you. That sauce was delish! But for a classic […]

  • […] other day, I really wanted to make Isa’s Roasted Butternut Alfredo recipe, but somehow managed to miss the crucial ingredient: cashews. There were none in the house, […]

  • […] two recipes that change the way vegans cook, and it looks like this may also include a few. The  Roasted Butternut Squash Alfredo  has already charmed the vegan Internet, and definitely charmed me and my meat eating boyfriend […]

  • This was fantastic! Made exactly as written, using penne for the pasta. My family of three all enjoyed this and I ate all the leftovers over the next two days. Yum!

  • […] I made Roasted Butternut Alfredo from Post Punk Kitchen.  Anything made with cashew cream is gorgeous, but the roasted butternut […]

  • Sue Perez

    I saw two other people comment the same question, but did not see an answer. Sorry, if I missed it, but there are a lot of comments to go through. My son is also allergic to all nuts, what would I sub for the cashews? I’ve used a vegan soy creamer to veganize a baked potato soup. Would that work and if so, what amount do you think? Or another suggestion? Anyone?

  • Kamila

    Fantastic recipe! I made this last night and my husband, who is not exactly a fan of butternut squash and nutritional yeast, went back for seconds!

    I wanted to share this tidbit: when I tasted the squash mixture in the blender, I was concerned because it tasted very miso-y, but I thought: “I trust Isa! Before I start tweaking, I must faithfully follow the recipe to the very end.” Sure enough, once the mixture simmered for a bit with the rest of the ingredients, it was golden!!

  • Kamila

    @ Sue Perez — if your son is allergic to nuts, then I suggest subbing an additional 1/2 cup butternut squash and a bit of extra nutritional yeast for the 1/2 cup cashews. The cashews mainly provide some extra creaminess and a hint of “cheezy” flavor.

  • Amanda

    This is incredible.

  • Tanja

    Super duper! I don’t use alcohol so I used more broth. I used miso broth instead of veggie broth, and almond instead of cashews. I also used onion and garlic powder because my kids are picky. Kids loved it and didn’t detect the squash! Sometime I will try it as written – I’m sure caramelized onions really add another level of sophistication.

  • […] more warm, comforting seasonal foods.  There are many plant-based versions of mac and cheese, but this recipe, is by far my favorite variation.  It was developed by one of the queens of vegan cooking:  Isa […]

  • kim

    omigosh! made this last night – FABULOUS!!! thank you.

  • Amy

    I was looking for a creamy sauce in which to feature my fresh Chanterelle mushrooms and this looks like it will fit the bill. As a bonus I had all the ingredients on hand and the squash is in the oven right now. I went ahead and chopped it in half like the recipe said since I wanted extra for cubes to bake while finishing the sauce and pasta. However I must admit that I have become a little lazy, cooking my winter squashes whole and scooping out the flesh after they are soft, it is much easier.

    The comment about needing an expensive blender caught my eye. I had been looking at the expensive blenders until I realized that my $39 warehouse Oster blender had already been making me creamy sauces without soaking the nuts. And the other day my son made a nut flour in it. I would have to be really sold to part with $400-500 for something else but I will rethink it if this blender ever dies.

    After looking at the comments it seems I have been missing out on a great sauce. This should be yummy. Here’s to dinner tonight!

  • Amy Cafferky

    Fantastic! I did it as written, left the mushrooms on the side and liked it better without them. The whole family loved it.

  • Karen

    OMG this was amazingly delicious. My only complaint – my sauce was a little thin, and I did follow instructions exactly. I added a little cornstarch at the end to thicken it. I might do less broth next time. So good, though.

  • Ally

    This was delicious. I sauteed some spinach in olive oil to go on top, and it was a rich yet healthy meal. Normally I’m a big fan of cheese, but this had the savory-creamy factor I love in homemade meals and was much more nutritious. You’ve inspired me to do a vegan week.

  • Naomi

    Favorite pasta ever! Since the Penna a la vodka at least.

    Subbed for cashews – sunflower seeds. Works perfectly and no allergy issues.
    Subbed for wine – splash of cider vinegar + some more stock, just cause I didn’t have wine in the house.


  • Kimberly

    Second time I’ve made this & SO yummy. We’re not strictly vegan–just love Isa & this website! My teen daughter loves pasta and avoids dairy when she’s competing during cross-country & track seasons. So this recipe is a great find for us. Amazing to get this luscious creamy result from all these ingredients, had some fun asking family to guess what was in it.

  • Mack the Spork

    I loooooooooooooooooooved this!!! Easier and even a little tastier, but still reminiscent of, Vcon pumpkin baked ziti. Mine came out a much brighter orange for some reason. FUN.

  • Debbie Walsh

    Made this several tiimes last fall – this time I roasted butternut and pumpkin and some onions to make the sauce, added some frozen peas to the pasta and some shrooms mixed it all together and threw in a lassagna dish, topped with breadcrumbs. Served with some collards.YUM. Thank you once again!

  • Andrea Galas

    This is my go-to recipe. We love it and all of my friends are obsessed with making and eating it. We’re making it right now in fact, probably for the 10th time. Better every time.

  • CydneyLew

    I am going to turn this into a scalloped potato side for T’giving this year!

  • karen

    This is ridiculous! We wanted to keep eating and eating it. It was easier than I thought it would be. I told my husband I was planning to make it, and he said “sound interesting, where did you get the recipe?” When I told him it was from PPK, he said “then it’s going to be awesome, make it!” Seriously, everything I make from your website and cookbooks is incredible, and this is no different. Perfection.

  • Lisa

    I have made this many times. It’s incredible! This time we’re having it with shaved black truffles for Christmas Eve. Ooh la la!

  • Camille

    Hi Isa,

    I use all of your books devotedly in my kitchen for almost 10yrs and have just learned of a very serious tree nut allergy after a recent attack. I’m wondering if you could recommend or share a nut free creamy sauce recipe? I can only have peanuts at this time and am severely lacking in my nut-free cooking creativity.

    Thank you!

  • Nikki

    This is freaking delicious! For wine, I used a cheap Chardonnay from Trader Joe’s. And for extra veggies, I chopped up some broccoli. For protein, I’d suggest some roasted tofu.

  • Nic

    This was super creamy (as promised) and very tasty. I think it must be the miso that gives it that parmesan-y tang? The flavors were reminiscent of a traditional alfredo. The squash makes it sweet and that was a bonus for my kids.

    Great recipe. I’ll see how my leftovers reheat tomorrow at work. THANKS!!

  • […] Roasted butternut alfredo.  I roast up a big squash the night before and make a double batch, then freeze half.  All three human members of our household will lick this sauce right off the plate or eat it with a spoon, given the chance, and the cats wouldn’t mind a crack at it, either. […]

  • Lika

    Okay, so I know it’s February, but I just couldn’t resist! And it was SOOOOO good! I didn’t have any lemons (how that happened, I do not know, because I ALWAYS have lemons), so I used some apple cider vinegar instead. It worked just fine, but I could feel I was missing that special crisp lemony goodness. Still, this was simply awesome. YUM!

  • […] other day, I really wanted to make Isa’s Roasted Butternut Alfredo recipe, but somehow managed to miss the crucial ingredient: cashews. There were none in the house, […]

  • Joan

    Just made this without the wine, cuz I unfortunately don’t have any at the moment. Used extra broth with a touch of apple cider vinegar, cuz that’s what I do have – this is delicious. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Thanks!! This was outstanding! Although, I’m not a big fan of sage. So, next time I’m gonna try a pinch of nutmeg. Yum!

  • […] (Vegan On the Cheap’s ‘Make Your Own Mayo’ is excellent!), ricotta, queso dip, butternut Alfredo sauce, whipped cream, or even cream cheese for […]

  • […] mayonnaise (Vegan On the Cheap’s ‘Make Your Own Mayo’ is excellent!), ricotta, queso dip, butternut Alfredo sauce, whipped cream, or even cream cheese for […]

  • […] Here‘s link to the original recipe.  All I changed was the miso – I only had a rich red barley one (which might explain the richer colour I got in my sauce) so only used 1 heaped tablespoon, I omitted the olive oil, and just the 1/2 tsp of rubbed sage leaves and I added a cup of frozen peas to the pasta cooking water a couple of minutes before the end. […]

  • Monica

    Can I use something other than white wine (non-alcohol)?

  • eibhlin

    while poking around in my freezer recently (too lazy to cook for one!) i discovered a bowl of sauce labelled “butternut alfredo isa, 11/2013”. i wasn’t quite sure if it would still be ok after all those months in the freezer, but it WAS! and such a delightful and unexpected treat, butternut in mid-july! still one of my favourite recipes of yours. and a reason to look forward to autumn 🙂

  • md

    Only the 3rd recipe I’ve made from this site and they have all been very good (the seitan piccata was excellent – a notch above the others). Don’t skimp on the sauce when serving this, it’s not as filling as an alfredo so you don’t need to cut back and it adds a bit more flavor if the pasta is dripping with sauce (plus you’ll have extra sauce anyway)..

  • Monica

    hello Isa, I’m allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, so can i substitute the soaked cashews for soaked sunflower seeds instead? xx

  • […] through several plant based cookbooks I settled on a recipe from the Isa Does It cookbook for Roasted Butternut Squash Alfredo Sauce. It’s so creamy and rich you would think it was made with dairy but of course it isn’t. […]

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  • […] Roasted Butternut Alfredo – The Best Pasta Sauce Ever. Seriously. […]

  • Karen

    This dish remains one of our favorites and with the addition of homegrown butternut squash it’s better than every this year! We always throw a handful of something green into the finished dish. Extra squash? Of course! It will go into Isa’s famous pumpkin muffins, cookies, or waffles this weekend.

  • Kate

    This is so freaking good!! I made an enormous batch and am so glad I did because it’s amazing leftover too! I used vermouth instead of the white wine because I had it on hand, I added some thyme, and I used a combo of butternut, delicata, and some random little squash I got at the farmer’s market. I will definitely make this again!

  • Cathy-ann

    I have made this a few times and I can’t believe how unbelievably good and rick this tastes. My friend also has made this for her family a few times and we are addicted. We have also decided that this sauce goes with just a bout anything. We have added it to lasagnas only to be told it was the best lasagna ever and even added it to burritos in place of sour cream.

  • This is bar none the BEST butternut squash Alfredo recipe there is! I’ve tried several and made my own versions but this one wins EVERY time. I use sherry instead of white wine because we tend to like the bit of sweetness sherry adds. I also add sauteed leeks or greens to mix it up. I made this for Thanksgiving and I’m making it for Christmas dinner (twice) this year. It’s always a huge hit will everyone vegan or not.

    Thank you so much for all of your creative beautiful recipes over the years. Your cookbook is consistently my go-to cookbook. I finally unloaded about 3 crates of cookbooks and down to about a dozen now but find I use yours 90% of the time. Works right in to my simpler life style. BTW, I’m a 60 year young mom so probably not your typical fan ; ) xxoo

  • Kat H.

    I liked the recipe as is pretty well and later I used the leftover sauce to make a casserole (potato, carrot, and broccoli). It was absolutely delicious. I will probably make the sauce again just for that.

  • […] have any favorite Isa recipes? Mine is hands down her Roasted Butternut Alfredo. So […]

  • […] Roasted Butternut Alfredo // Post-Punk Kitchen (THE best recipe in the history of ever) […]

  • Deb

    This was really fabulous and even though the sauce used more nuts that I am allowed it made such a big portion. Thanks

  • […] myself in this instance and managed to bung some cashews in a bowl for two hours, because this Roasted Butternut Alfredo from Isa’s Post Punk Kitchen is SO GOOD and totally worth the soak […]

  • Kat

    I have brown miso, will this work? what is the difference?
    Looks yummy thanks!

  • […] spotlight your root vegetables, Isa’s roasted-butternut alfredo is a trusted, no-fail recipe. The sauce base is cashews, soaked overnight until soft and blendable. […]

  • […] Rice Fusilli with Butternut Squash Alfredo Topped with: Shiitake Bacon On the side: Roasted Brussels Sprouts {Trim sprouts, toss in Ziploc […]

  • […] jest naprawdę udany i chyba nie pozostaje mi nic innego, jak raz jeszcze przybić piątkę Isie Chandrze Moskowitz, bo gdyby nie jej blog kilka ładnych lat tamu, byłoby mi naprawdę trudno. Pamiętam czasy, kiedy […]

  • Thank you for another wonderful recipe – you are a brilliant chef! So I’ve made this twice so far. The 1st time, it was pretty bad but still edible (my fault). The 2nd time it was absolutely divine. The problem the 1st I time was that I used 3/4 cup of cheap wine and didn’t let it reduce enough. Also a whole onion and 1 TB of lemon juice was too much for me (all subjective stuff). The second time I used 1/2 cup of GOOD wine and really let it reduce, 1/2 TB of lemon juice, 1/2 an onion minced and ACORN squash + I added roasted garlic to the cashew creme (roasted in the hollow of the squash as it baked). I LOVE garlic so I still added fresh garlic to the onion sauté. It was nothing short of AMAZING! All this to say that A.) Isa is a genius and B.) If at first you don’t succeed, tweak tweak tweak.

  • Michelle

    Any nonalocolic sub for wine such as a splash of
    white vinegar?

  • […] amazing at Jenny’s but that night I had a Mac n Cheese that blew my mind. It was based on the Butternut Alfredo recipe from PPK and it was awesome. I’ve made it a few time since as a lower fat alternative to the usual oil […]

  • Clare Carmicahel

    Made it exactly as described and very yummy thanks!

  • Andrea

    I’ve been making this as a fall staple for four years. I never soak the cashews long enough, generally works out fine. I usually make some garlicky burnt broccoli as a topper and I double the sauce and freeze in two batches for when I come home hungry and exhausted. This is the first time I’m making it this year. It makes me so warm and happy instead of sad and cold on this grey day. Thanks for becoming a part of my family’s comfort food tradition. I’ve made it for my parents, for friend’s bands when they tour in Europe and stop by with hunger and need for a home cooked meal and my husband’s generally traditional Czech family. They all rave about it ask for seconds. Drooling as our butternut squash from the garden roasts. Thank you again!

  • Suzanne

    I made this recipe last night. It was really good! My omnivorous hubby was not too happy when I told him what we were having for dinner – but when we sat down to eat it, he cleaned his plate and raved about how delicious it was. We both love butternut squash so it is great to find yet another way to prepare it. Plus this was not too much work and it totally paid off.

  • Please, please, please people! Don’t ruin a beautiful, healthy recipe like this by using “cooking wine” that “keeps forever”… Buy yourself a decent bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. Both are dry, white wines. Then after you use what you need in a recipe (and/or drink with your meal) take the remaining wine and pour it into an ice cube tray, paper cup, or any container and freeze it. When it is solid, move it to a freezer bag and just store in the freezer until you need wine again for a dish. It’s easy, economical, and will make your cooking much tastier than the poor quality stuff called “cooking” wine. Cheers!

  • Kim Hermes

    Oh my word, this is a fabulous recipe! We just finished eating it, and I seriously wanted to lick my plate. Isa, you’re a genius and I love you!

  • Karen

    made this as a (Canadian) thanksgiving side to accommodate a few stray vegans coming by, and EVERYONE had seconds!!! many thanks, this is a keeper

  • Carolyn

    I just popped in to tell you, belatedly, that this has been my family’s favorite recipe pretty much from the first day that you posted it. Thank you!

  • I love this recipe such a nice taste!

  • Jenny Knight

    Butternut Alfredo Sauce is SO DELICIOUS! I made the pasta last week for dinner, but I doubled the sauce recipe so that I could us it on veggies as you suggested. I just made the BEST CASSEROLE with leftover cooked quinoa, 1/2 can chickpeas, chopped baby spinach, vegan parmesan (I make it with almonds, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and salt), and a BIG PORTION of this Butternut Alfredo Sauce. I sprinkled some water and Ume Plum Vinegar on top, stirred everything, and heated it in the microwave. It was SO DELICIOUS!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this amazing dish!
    Btw, I used soaked pine nuts instead of cashews because of an allergy. Pine nuts were just fine.

  • Excellent and very exciting site. Love to reading your post. Keep Rocking.

  • Alyssa Stevenson

    ISA! this is perhaps one of the very best things I have eaten in my entire life. It was the first meal I ever cooked for my now partner of 4 years and it’s still a staple in our house (partially cuz every once in a while he’s like… “we haven’t done that squash pasta sauce in a while eh?”). I even planted butternut squash in our garden in anticipation of my fall squash needs (including making this recipe over and over). I add steamed broccoli and cooked lentils to the pasta sometimes. it is excellent. you are amazing.

  • Joshua A. Price

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