August 16th, 2012

Melon Salad With Mint & Lime

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Serves 4
Time: 15 minutes

Melon Salad

This has pretty much been a summer of simplicity for me. In some ways it’s forced, like the fact that my kitchen has been a construction zone for 2 months. But it’s also a choice, because my garden tomatoes have been so juicy all season that it doesn’t take much effort to appreciate them in a sandwich with basil.

So when a friend (ok, actually my Instagram hero, @cramepete) brought this homegrown melon over the other day, I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. As I sniffed its ripe aroma like a grandma in the produce aisle, I thought of bright, crisp Vietanamese flavors, like mint and lime, with some avocado thrown in for good measure.

Even though it’s perfectly legit to enjoy a melon with nothing but a spoon and some candlelight, it only takes a few extra steps for something even a little more special. You can serve this as an afternoon snack, or alongside a more elaborate Southeast Asian inspired meal. Maybe a red curry or pad thai? You get the picture. Oh and to get even more pictures, check out @cramepete’s Instagram feed today, where you can see his photo of this salad! You can also follow me on there @isachandra. Because you love pics of my cats and my feet.

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